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Our Story

Back in 1970, if you lived in Seal Beach and wanted good fresh seafood, you had to drive to Newport Beach or San Pedro.  Determined to change this, local dentist Walt Babcock and his wife, Mona, decided to open their own restaurant.  Thus, Walt’s Wharf was launched.   

In the early years, Walt brought in fresh fish from his own fishing boat, The Patriot.  Later, Walt’s contacts with local fishermen ensured that there would always be fresh seafood at Walt’s Wharf. 

In the early 1980s, the Babcocks planted a vineyard and built a winery in the Santa Ynez Valley.  Their son, Bryan, has been producing world class wines ever since.  We are pleased to feature the wines of Babcock Vineyards on our wine list. 

Customers tell us that coming to Walt’s Wharf is a unique experience-- the wonderful town of Seal Beach, our eclectic building built in 1913, and our laid-back dining room and bar.  Today, Mona Babcock, along with her daughter, Brenda, and our wonderful staff, continue our tradition of striving to make your experience at Walt’s Wharf a great one by bringing you the highest quality ingredients and the best service we can provide.  


Thank you for dining with us. 


Bon appetit! 

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